Cocoa Diet Recipes Are So Healthy

How healthy the sweet food we prepare is totally dependent on the raw materials we have chosen. Cocoa beans are good for our health, but cocoa butter is a saturated fat, so we need to replace it with unsaturated vegetable fats. It can be sunflower oil or olive oil, as the most appropriate for dietary cooking.

If you love sugar a lot, it is best for your health to take brown sugar or unrefined cane sugar and not refined white sugar. The presence of natural fibers in raw unrefined sugars will help our body to slowly release sugars in our blood and in this way to avoid excessive insulin production and prevent diabetes. Refined sugar is ready for immediate release into the blood and in this case we must immediately burn this energy to avoid the high level of unused glucose in our blood. If we fail to meet this natural physical condition, we risk our health. And this makes the difference: pleasure time or good health. It is especially important for people over the age of 30, when metabolism becomes a much slower process than in young people.

Italian Traditional Dessert Tiramisu
Italian Traditional Dessert Tiramisu

This approach makes our cooking philosophy: cocoa powder – a wonderful basic ingredient for the healthy chocolate diet. Brown sugar or raw cane sugar and unsaturated vegetable oil – are perfect for diet meals. Follow us and you will find great satisfaction.

All the recipes in this cooking blog are healthy and based on healthy ingredients. They are great for diet cooking.

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