Chocolate Pizza with Gorgonzola

This chocolate pizza with fried eggplant and gorgonzola is really delicious! It is soft, tasty with chocolate, not sweet but with fried aubergines in sunflower oil that tastes like delicious fried porcini mushrooms.
We present you a step by step tutorial, which will help you to easily make this chocolate pizza.
To help you to cook this chocolate pizza in the best way there is timestamp description here:
0:00 Chocolate Pizza with Fried Aubergines and Gorgonzola Cheese – Chef Recipes
0:09 We take 25 g of fresh yeast.
0:15 We dissolve it in 200 ml of pure water.
0:27 We take seaparately 1 kg of white whole purpose flour and add 75 g of cocoa powder to it. We mix them. Then we add dissolved in water yeast and start to prepare chocolate dough, adding water when necessary.
1:28 We add 100 ml of sunflower oil to this dough and continue to mix.
2:58 Chocolate dough is covered with table-napkin and is left for 2-3 hours for raising.
3:29 We take the third part of the dough and we make chocolate flatbread.
4:55 The semi-cooked chocolate flatbread is garnished as topping with fried aubergines and the gorgonzola cheese.
5:54 Tasty chocolate pizza is ready!
All material in this video is original and recorded by me personally.
The raw pizza prepared in this video is being baked in the oven for about 10 min at 220°C two time – the first for 3 minutes, then topped – another 7 minutes until gorgonzola cheese is completely melted.
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