Chocolate Apple Pie Easy Recipe

My recipe describes in this video, which you will see by clicking on the image above, the healthiest and most delicious apple pie I have ever eaten in my life. Its ingredients are healthy, the way of cooking is also healthy and the very tasty final result depends only on the addition of tasty additives such as vanilla, lemon, ginger or others that you like. The homemade chocolate ingredient is extremely good and tastes good with baked sweet apples.

This is the recipe for making a chocolate-covered apple pie easily. The video has natural sounds of cooking.

The recipe can be a perfect Christmas and New Year festive table dessert.

Apple pie ingredients:

1. Fresh apples 600 g

2. Flour 400 g

3. Brown cane sugar 50 g

4. Sunflower oil 100 ml

5. 2 fresh eggs

6. 150 ml semi skimmed milk

7. 1 sachet of instant yeast.

For best results, use the 5-layer aluminum foil baking mold (see video:  ).

Bake 2 times in the oven at about 220 ° C.

The first time for 30 minutes in the baking mold as shown in this video.

And the second time for about another 30 minutes without aluminum baking mold around the cake.

You can decorate this cake by grating chocolate truffles on top (see video ).

All material in this video is original and recorded by me personally.

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