Hello World! My name is Nadezda or Nadia and I love creative cuisine. I always love creativity and my idea was to create a website like this that helps people have better health, learn to cook quickly and prepare meals as they like for themselves, their relatives and friends. The main emphasis in my cooking school that is proposed to you on this site is on the goodness of the ingredients for health in general. This approach will help overweight people lose kilograms of bad weight. It will help normal people start cooking healthy meals, paying attention to the ingredients. As I said, it all depends on the people you cook for. If their age does not exceed 30 years old, then butter can be used in controlled quantities without any problem. After 30 years it is advisable to exclude butter from the meal. It is always advisable for all ages to use brown or cane sugar instead of refined white sugar. Good continuation with your cooking!

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